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Engineering Support

Our company has all the necessary resources to provide competent technological and engineering customer support at each stage of the project. We have extensive practical experience in engineering support of technically complex facilities of federal significance.

Engineering support includes:

  1. 1. Analysis of pre-project documentation, results of engineering and geological surveys
  2. 2. Selection and justification of technical solutions
  3. 3. Project development and structural design
  4. 4. Preparation of as-built documentation (drawings, specifications, technological cards, passports, installation instructions)
  5. 5. Training of construction personnel on work technology, safety training
  6. 6. Supervised installation and control over compliance with construction technology and project requirements
  7. 7. Engineering and technical consulting, prompt solution of technological problems at the construction site
  8. 8. Monitoring of the object's state during the warranty period

Advantages of Project Engineering Support:

  1. 1. Guaranteed compliance with the conditions of the project documentation
  2. 2. Guaranteed compliance with time requirements of construction and operation of the object
  3. 3. Guarantee of strict compliance with safety measures and rules

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