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Traditionally, pneumatic or mechanical (manual) construction staplers are used to connect individual sections of a three-dimensional geocell into a single design.

1. Pneumatic stapler is a professional construction tool, the main advantages of which are high productivity and low labor costs.

The pneumatic stapler does not require physical effort and allows to connect of geocells with high speed.

The disadvantages of the pneumatic stapler include high cost, risk of injury, mandatory availability of additional equipment (compressor) and electricity, as well as the need for regular maintenance.


2. Manual or mechanical stapler is more versatile and affordable in comparison with a pneumatic stapler. Additional equipment for a manual stapler is not required.

The manual stapler is significantly less productive, but less traumatic. To work with a manual stapler, serious physical effort is required, which leads to quick fatigue of workers. To avoid mechanical damage to the skin (blisters, corns), it is recommended to use protective gloves.

To fasten geocells with the help of staplers, broadband metal U-shaped staple with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating are used.

Metal staples are made of low-carbon steel wire.