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Bank protection in the downstream of a HPP

Industry: hydraulic engineering

Construction type: river bank protection

Applied materials:

Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD®

Weld-free Geocell GEOSTEP®

Construction period: June-November 2018

River bank strengthening with reinforced geocell GEOCORD® and weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® filled with vegetative soil with sowing seeds for creating green landscape and additional reinforcement of the construction.


1. Total cost reduction by 84%

2. Decrease in labor intensity by 83%

3. 10 times shorter construction period

4. Reliable protection against erosion

geocells help to avoid erosion of foundation soil and prevent soil washout under heavy rains conditions

5. Longevity and low cost of repairing works

the service life of the structure is 75 years (as long as the installation requirements are met). The repairing works can be carried out by adding filling material to the geocells

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