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Flexible Concrete Slab GEOSOTY® is a flexible concrete structure reinforced with spatial polymer cells.

Flexible Concrete Slab GEOSOTY® are designed for use as anti-erosion, ballasting, protective, strengthening material.

Flexible Concrete Slab GEOSOTY® are factory-manufactured, which allows for full control of the required level of concrete strength.


Flexible concrete slabs GEOSOTY® are used in the following areas:

  • Shore protection in the downstream of hydraulic structures
  • Ballasting and protection against mechanical damage to pipelines, transitions of engineering networks and communications when laying water barriers at the bottom
  • Engineering protection of slopes of flooded embankments
  • Strengthening the channels of natural and artificial culverts (rivers, ponds, reservoirs, canals, etc.)
  • Protection of piping obstruction from erosion and external mechanical influences
  • Strengthening drainage ditches and ditches of highways
  • Strengthening cones of bridges and overpasses
  • Construction of temporary driveways