Application of PRESTORUS’ Standard Geocell at Gazprom Facilities in 2017-2019 Deemed Successful

The oil and gas industry is the most important area of application of geosynthetics, and such projects can rightfully be considered one of the most significant and large-scale.

PRESTORUS has received an official letter from VNIPIGAZDOBYCH PJSC with a list of Gazprom facilities where the Standard Geocell was applied in 2017-2019:

  • Booster compressor station at UKPG-ZS Zapolyarny NGKM/li>
  • “Power of Siberia” pipeline
  • Cenomanian-Aptian deposits of Bovanensky oil and gas condensate field
  • Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field
  • The system of gas pipelines «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta»
  • Cenomanian-Aptian deposits and gas pipeline connecting the Kharasawaeyskoye oil and gas condensate field

The Institute reported that no complaints have been received during the said period, which confirms the high quality of the product, its reliability, and durability..

PRESTORUS Standard Geocell has increased resistance to long-term loads, as well as to chemically aggressive soil and temperature extremes —thus, the service life of structures increases by 55%.

You can find out more about our projects in the special section of our official website..


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