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Base of a water tank

Industry: hydraulic engineering

Construction type: water reservoir base

Applied materials:

Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD®

Polyamide cord

Metal anchor

Construction period: February - October 2018

Geomembrane to be protected with appliance of reinforced geocell GEOCORD® filled with concrete B22,5, F150, W4.


  • 1. Total cost reduction by 68%
    substantial savings on construction due to the availability of the materials, quick and easy mounting, lack of strict requirements for workers qualifications
  • 2. Reduction of labor intensity by 92%
    a construction made of three-dimensional geocells is easy and quick to manually mount, does not require special equipment or tools. When concrete is poured, GEOCORD® is used as a formwork and helps to avoid unnecessary costs for boards. Polyamide cords and GEOCORD® serve as armature, which also allows to achieve significant savings
  • 3. Construction period shorter by 50%

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