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Slopes on the road

Industry: road construction

Construction type: slope reinforcement

Applied materials:

Weld-free Geocell GEOSTEP®

Geotextile GEOKNIT-N®

Metal anchor with ARM-Clip™

Construction period: April-May 2018

Slope to be reinforced with appliance of weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® (height 10 cm) and filled with crushed stone fraction 20-40 mm reinforced with a bicomponent binder.


  • 1. Total cost reduction by 6%
    savings on protective works
  • 2. Reduced materials consumption
    crushed stone layer thickness reduced from 20 to 15 cm, cell height reduced from 15 to 10 cm
  • 3. Reduction of operating costs by 99%
    the design does not need any additional maintenance and correction works
  • 4. Increase of the design durability
    increased life cycle of more than 12 years
  • 5. Aesthetic appearance during the entire life cycle

It was required to strengthen the slopes at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road and Volokolamsk Highway. PRESTORUS proposed its design using weld-free geocell GEOSTEP®, 10 cm high with backfill with rubble reinforced with a two-component binder. Thus the amount of crushed stone used for filling the cells was reduced.

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