5th International Exhibition-Forum «Road 2014» Took Place in Moscow

More than 240 companies from 28 regions of Russia and 14 countries (Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic, and others) participated in the exhibition-forum «Road 2014» in Moscow on October 16. Innovation technologies of asphalt mixtures production, engineering protection for road construction, a line of domestic and foreign devices for quality testing of roads and building materials, modern geosynthetic materials, and much more were presented at the stands in the pavilions of the exhibition center.

Several round tables and seminars with participation of road industry experts—representatives of Rosavtodor, Avtodor State Company, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and executive authorities of Russian constituent entities—were held as a part of the exhibition. Investments into road infrastructure, public-private partnership projects, road funds, road safety, development of roadside service, and other topics were discussed at the conferences.


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