A Guide on Choosing Three-dimensional Geocells for Slope Reinforcement

Three-dimensional geocells have been used in various construction industries for many years. It is a reliable and high-quality material that can justify the expectations placed on it. Geocells are the ideal solution for slope reinforcement. The correct installation technique is an important factor here, but it is equally important to choose the right geocell.

Advantages of using geocells to strengthen slopes

Geocells are made of polymeric perforated or non-perforated tapes that look like a honeycomb when stretched. The entire load is evenly distributed over the honeycomb structure. Reinforcement of slopes is an important application area for geocells. It is used to protect the soil from erosion. Failure to take timely measures to strengthen the slopes can lead to a collapse, landslide, and other destructive phenomena.

Slope reinforcement with GEOSTEP® in Vietnam

PRESTORUS offers GEOSTEP®, a weld-free geocell for strengthening slopes that was created by our specialists, has passed numerous tests, meets all the requirements and standards.

GEOSTEP® has the following valuable properties:

  1. repeats the terrain when laying;
  2. retains its properties under significant temperature fluctuations;
  3. is resistant to harmful microorganisms and chemicals;
  4. has high tensile strength;
  5. will last for many decades;
  6. is absolutely safe for the environment.

GEOSTEP® is easy to transport and store: initially, the geocell is produced in rolls that do not take up much space. Installation is rather simple, as is disassembly. An important factor is the price: strengthening slopes with GEOSTEP® will cost much less than similar geosynthetic materials.

How to Choose the Right Geocell

For each project, you will need to select the appropriate geocell. They differ from each other in the following ways:

  • material of manufacture
  • diagonal and size of the cell
  • cell thickness and height

The raw material for the geocell is polyethylene. When choosing, it is also important to take into account such factors as the type of soil, the height of the slope, the angle of laying, and the characteristics of the site to be fortified. Today on the market, you can find geocells with a cell diagonal of 20 to 40 cm and a cell height of 5 to 20 cm. GEOSTEP® has a 75 to 150 mm cell height and a side length of 150 to 356 mm.


Table of appropriate GEOSTEP® parameters depending on the slope’s properties

Weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® can be used for slopes up of different angles, up to 60 degrees. It is delivered in rolls up to 3.2 meters wide. With proper installation, its service life can last up to 100 years. In addition, it can withstand ambient temperatures from -65 to 70 degrees.

Slope Reinforcement with GEOSTEP®

The process of installing a geogrid to strengthen the slopes is not difficult. First of all, it is necessary to level the surface on which GEOSTEP® will be laid. Then you stretch out the geocell roll and secure the geocells with anchors so that nothing can move them. After that, the entire surface of the geocells is filled with aggregate material (crushed stone of different fractions).

When strengthening slopes, it is important to pay attention to their features. Indeed, even though there are specific ways of installing geocells, in practice, the technology can vary depending on the properties of the slope.

Moreover, there are flooded and non-flooded slopes. The appropriate type of GEOSTEP® should be used in each specific case: type A, type C, or type E. They have different parameters and properties, which ensures the reliability and durability of the installed structure.

GEOSTEP® fixated with the GEOFORCE® composite anchor

It should also be noted that GEOSTEP® must be fixated with anchors during the laying process. You can use metal, composite, or plastic anchors. They can be positioned in different ways: at a 1 m distance from each other, through a cell along a vertical or diagonal axis, or along the entire perimeter of a site in each of the cells.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize GEOSTEP® has proven to be a very effective solution for strengthening the slopes in the construction of a high-quality sustainable subgrade. You can learn more about completed projects with GEOSTEP® on our website.


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