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ARM-clip® is designed for use as a cap on a metal anchors of a periodic profile for fixing geocells on a slope.

ARM-clip® is made from a specially developed composition based on polyethylene. This gives the product high elasticity and excellent shockproof properties.

Thanks to the new production technology ARM-clip®:

  • does not burst when placed on the anchor
  • withstands numerous hammer blows
  • retains elasticity at low temperatures

The ARM-clip® is available in two sizes for anchors of Ø10 mm and Ø12 mm.


  • Significant savings on logistics when the production of metal anchors is in the immediate vicinity of the construction site
  • Savings on the cost of anchors from 5% (for rebars with a diameter of 12 mm)


  • High elasticity and impact strength
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Corrosion resistance
  • UV resistantce
  • Resistance to aggressive environments
  • Resistance to microorganisms


  • Environmentally friendly material, does not emit harmful substances into the environment
  • Fast and easy to mount on anchors
  • It can be applied in any climatic conditions
  • Allows to establish the production of anchors at the construction site
  • Reliably fixes a geocell on a slope
  • Presses geocells to the base as much as possible
  • Does not change cell geometry
  • Does not slide off the reinforcing bar
  • Service life of more than 40 years
Strengthening slopes with GEOSTEP® and ARM-clip® on a highway in Moscow

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