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Fastening key FAST-LOCK™ is a more modern and effective alternative to staplers and staples for fastening the sections of geocells through special oval holes in the walls of the cells.

Fasten geocell sections easily, reliably and safely — without staples, staplers and compressors!


  • Cost reduction due to lack of additional equipment (stapler, compressor, generator)
  • Reduction of labor costs, as one worker is enough against two required for the standard method of fastening


  • Increase in work speed by 3 times or more in comparison with the traditional fastening method
  • Minimal labor costs and low physical fatigue of workers
  • The safest way: does not require electricity or special training, and unlike staplers is absolutely harmless
  • Easy to use on steep slopes, in remote and inaccessible places,at low temperatures


  • Higher fastening strength and reliability
  • Resistance to aggressive environments
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Does not conduct electric current
  • If necessary, you can disassemble the fastened structure, as FAST-LOCK™ is easily inserted and removed
Construction of a road in an underground mine with GEOCORD® and the FAST-LOCK® fastening key

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