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Flexible Concrete Slab GEOSOTY® is a flexible concrete structure reinforced with three-dimensional polymer geocells.

Flexible Concrete Slab GEOSOTY® are designed for use as anti-erosion, ballasting, protective, strengthening material.

GEOSOTY® are factory-manufactured, which allows for full control of the required level of concrete strength.

Flexible concrete slabs GEOSOTY® are used in the following areas:

  • Shore protection in the downstream of hydraulic structures
  • Ballasting and protection against mechanical damage to pipelines, transitions of engineering networks and communications when laying water barriers at the bottom
  • Engineering protection of slopes of flooded embankments
  • Strengthening the channels of natural and artificial culverts (rivers, ponds, reservoirs, canals, etc.)
  • Protection of piping obstruction from erosion and external mechanical influences
  • Strengthening drainage ditches and ditches of highways
  • Strengthening cones of bridges and overpasses
  • Construction of temporary driveways


  • Reduced labor and material costs in the construction and installation works
  • Less material consumption and weight (from 75 kg) with a relatively thin design (from 50 mm) and large dimensions
  • All work can be performed by mid-level specialists
  • Savings on reuse of GEOSOTY® within 5 years


  • Relatively high rates of permissible deformation of slope soil during operation
  • High quality of constructions due to the use of prefabricated turnkey products and lack of need for manual adjustments
  • Possibility of strengthening curved relief surfaces (piping, slopes and ditches of roads, banks and channels, waterways, etc.)
  • Flexible design, resistance to water, ice, strong currents, mechanical damage, frost


  • Surfaces made with GEOSOTY® work almost without any bending moments, which provides increased reliability and increases the time of defect-free operation of the structure
  • High seismic resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Resistance to aggressive environments
  • The material is completely non-toxic, does not emit harmful substances into the biosphere, is safe in direct contact, does not require special protective equipment for construction and maintenance personnel
  • Ability to carry out work and operation in the Far North at temperatures from -65° C
  • Reinforcing cord made of polyamide withstands loads of up to 2500 kg, is not subject to decay, and is resistant to mechanical damage
  • Operating life in compliance with installation technology is 50 years
  • Possibility of re-installation during the warranty period (5 years)
  • A wide range of GEOSOTY® allows you to choose the most optimal type for the project requirements
Strengthening of a culvert with flexible concrete slabs GEOSOTY®

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