GEOCORD®: Innovative Reinforced 3D Geocell

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Service life of GEOCORD®
up to100 years

Service life of GEOCORD®
up to100 years

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Reinforced geocell GEOCORD® is a new generation of three-dimensional geocells

GEOCORD® is a geosynthetic material of a new generation, stronger, more reliable and cheaper than its alternatives.

GEOCORD® cells are reinforced with high-strength threads, which makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the strip without compromising the physical and mechanical characteristics.

  • • Can be used in various climatic conditions from -65o to 70o C

  • • Complies with international standards (ASTM, ISO)

Construction costs up to 5-25% lower in comparison with traditional 3D geocells

Comparison of GEOCORD® and Standard Geocell

Standard Geocell

One of the main drawbacks of the standard geocell is its susceptibility to deformation over time under dynamic loads. Thanks to the reinforcement with threads, GEOCORD® has acquired increased mechanical strength characteristics.

*Laboratory tests ASTM D6992

Innovative solution in geosynthetics

GEOCORD® does not stretch under permanent loads and elevated temperatures, while maintaining its geometric proportions, and has increased resistance to plastic deformation. Designs with GEOCORD® can maintain geometric parameters and bearing capacity during the entire life of the structure.

30% savings
+50% stronger
100 years service life
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About the production of weld-free 3D geocell GECORD®

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The price of GEOCORD® is lower compared to a traditional three-dimensional geocells with similar characteristics due to a decrease in the thickness of the geostrips.
In addition, in the design of the pavement, a layer of GEOCORD® and a sand-gravel mixture allows you to replace a more expensive layer of crushed stone.

  • • Strength characteristics increased up to 50%
  • • Service life increased to 100 years
  • • Increased resistance to long-term dynamic and static loads
  • • Resistant to deformation under repeated temperature changes
  • • 100% freeze and thaw resistant
  • • 100% UV (light weather) resistant
  • • 98% cyclic stability


  • • Reduced vertical stress on the subgrade base
  • • Reduced thickness of pavement layers
  • • Increased bearing capacity
  • • Increased load resistance
  • • Reduced plastic deformation of a structure
  • • Extended service life of a structure


GEOCORD® + FAST-LOCK® Construction Technology

• 20% increase in installation speed

• does not require any mounting equipment

• does not require highly skilled workers

• reduces the risk of injury

• simplified and reliable process

The FAST-LOCK® fastening key is the most modern and efficient method to connect individual sections of the geocell.

This method requires special oval holes in the cell walls.

An important advantage of FAST-LOCK® is that it does not break from frost and over time, and is not subject to corrosion.

Videos about GEOCORD®

Appliance of GEOCORD® in water reservoir construction in Vietnam

New road construction technology with GEOCORD® and FAST-LOCK® in the mining industry

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