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1 roll is enough to strengthen a slope ofup to 350 m2

The length of a GEOSTEP® section ®—when stretched—can reach150 m

1 roll is enough to strengthen a slope ofup to 350 m2

The length of a GEOSTEP® section ®—when stretched—can reach150 m

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Weld-free geocell GEOSTEP®, a revolutionary solution for slopes

GEOSTEP® is a polymer sheet made of polyethylene, produced by extrusion. Cuts are made in the sheet to form cells and holes for the cord.

GEOSTEP®‘s cells are installed vertically

  • • The aggregate doesn’t get washed out of the cells

  • • Save up to 10% on maintenance annually

With GEOSTEP® you can save up to 30% compared to alternative solutions

Comparison of economic indicators

Comparison of different ways to strengthen slopes
# Justification Name Volume Cost of construction Difference
1 Estimate calculation #1 Strengthening slopes using GEOSTEP® 100 m2 $1 034.62
2 Estimate calculation #2 Strengthening slopes using standard geocells 100 m2 $1 256.46 121.44%
3 Estimate calculation #3 Strengthening slopes using geomats / geogrids 100 m2 $1 335.80 129.11%

* Calculations were made in the Grand-Smeta software package

Cost of construction strengthening of slopes depending on the material, USD per 100 m2

Conclusion: Strengthening of slopes with GEOSTEP® is the most economical solution

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About the production of weld-free 3D geocell GEOSTEP®

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The walls of the GEOSTEP® cells are perpendicular to the horizon, so the filling material is not washed out of cells, which allows you to save up to 10% annually on maintenance.

The cost per square meter of GEOSTEP® is lower compared to other three-dimensional geocells.

GEOSTEP® cell sizes provide 11 times more coverage than standard 3D geocells.

According to the results of hydraulic tests at the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), GEOSTEP® has a greater drainage capacity compared to even perforated traditional geocells.

The FAST-LOCK® fastening system can substitute expensive mounting equipment and speeds up the mounting process. In addition, the long winding length allows you to strengthen the slope completely from the sole to the edge, ensuring that there are no trimmings and leftovers.

GEOSTEP® + FAST-LOCK® Construction Technology

• 20% increase in installation speed

• does not require any mounting equipment

• does not require highly skilled workers

• reduces the risk of injury

• simplified and reliable process

The FAST-LOCK® fastening key is the most modern and efficient method to connect individual sections of the geocell.

This method requires special oval holes in the cell walls.

An important advantage of FAST-LOCK® is that it does not break from frost and over time, and is not subject to corrosion.

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