Geosynthetics and Environment

One of the global challenges of the modern world is the protection of the environment. This is why the requirements for the environmental safety of materials and technologies in all spheres of human activity are getting even more demanding.

Геосинтетические материалы и экология

The second important factor is the overall impact on the environment. The service life of geosynthetics is many times greater than traditional materials, so repair works are required not every 5-6 years but once every 25-30 years.

This allows minimizing the impact on the ecosphere in the entire technological chain. The extraction of mineral raw materials to manufacture cement and metal is reduced, as are emissions to the atmosphere at the stage of their processing. Moreover, the waste of this production does not accumulate in dumps. Collateral damage to the environment during delivery and on-site work is also reduced.

Taking into account all the factors mentioned above, we can conclude that from the point of view of anthropogenic (caused by various forms of human impact on nature) environmental pollution, geosynthetic materials are more environmentally friendly than traditional building materials.

Moreover, due to their resistance to aggressive environments, geosynthetics often form a protective coating under potentially dangerous objects. Thus, a geomembrane is used in the construction of oil storage and processing facilities: it is laid under the foundation of industrial buildings and helps prevent leakage of toxic materials from industrial and household waste storage sites.

Environmental safety, together with other advantages such as economic feasibility and ease of application, opens up a lot of opportunities for the use of geosynthetics in modern construction. Now its main areas of application are road construction, infrastructure facilities, and landscape design. However, more and more geosynthetics are being used in new industries, so we can safely call them the building material of the future.


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