How Geosynthetics Can Help You Save Money

The term geosynthetics includes building materials made of polymers, which, as part of special structures, or as independent materials, are used for filtration, reinforcement, drainage, and separation of layers.

The widespread use of geosynthetics is due to the following inherent characteristics:

  1. significant strength;
  2. durability;
  3. low material consumption;
  4. chemical resistance;
  5. the ability to withstand alternating temperatures.


Reinforcement of the road in open mines with the GEOCORD® reinforced geocell


The production of geosynthetics includes the following types of materials:

  1. geotextiles (the most numerous group);
  2. geocells;
  3. geocomposite materials;
  4. geogrids;
  5. geocameras;
  6. geomats;
  7. geomembranes.

Each type of material is optimal for solving a list of tasks in specific areas. Some of them are universal and used in combination.


The Benefits of Geosynthetics

The use of geosynthetics allows to:

  1. significantly (by up to 50%) reduce the need for bulk materials for the formation of road surfaces (slopes, and other surfaces).
  2. increase the strength of the roadbed (slopes), which makes it possible to extend the overhaul period of their operation;
  3. exclude the possibility of sedimentation of the underlying layers, which also contributes to an increase in the time of maintenance-free service life;
  4. protect the completed surfaces (roads, foundations, other constructions) from the negative impact of groundwater;
  5. neutralize the impact of heaving of soils, minimize the pressure on the surface caused by its freezing;
  6. significantly reduce the construction time;
  7. improve the operational parameters of the facility.


Reinforcement of the road in open mines with the GEOCORD® reinforced geocell


In conclusion, geosynthetic materials have long proved their effectiveness. It is an innovative and sustainable solution used in different areas of the construction industry, including mining, hydraulic engineering, and landscaping. Make sure to rely on research and calculations to choose the most efficient materials for your project and use its properties to your advantage.


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