PRESTORUS LLC is located on the territory of 5.7 hectares, while the production area is more than 8 500 m2

PRESTORUS is a resident of the Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone (Lipetsk SEZ), which was among the three best Special Economic Zones of the Russian Federation in 2017, according to the Ministry of Economic Development.


PRESTORUS quality management system meets:

  • requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 in relation to such processes as development, production, wholesale, integrated supply of geosynthetic materials and accessories;


PRESTORUS’s waste-free production ensures the absence of harmful emissions into the environment. Manufactured products do not emit toxic compounds in the air and wastewater in the presence of other substances or factors at ambient temperatures from -60°C to +70°C.



Compliance with Technology

100% Correspondence with Characteristics

Quality Consistency

Compliance with Russian and International Standards

Lifetime Warranty

  • We do not purchase products in China. All products are manufactured exclusively in Russia at the company’s plant in the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone.
  • Our company values the reputation of a responsible manufacturer of geosynthetic materials, so we carefully monitor compliance with the technology and place high demands on the quality of raw materials and finished products.
  • We do not mislead our customers. Our products always correspond to the declared physical-mechanical and geometrical characteristics.
  • Modern European equipment, qualified personnel and streamlined technological processes make it possible to produce products of stable quality from batch to batch with a minimum number of defects.
  • Each batch is subject to mandatory testing by the Quality Control Department for compliance with the technical requirements in our own laboratory at the plant. The strength characteristics of geomaterials are tested by an Instron US automatic tensile testing machine. We issue quality certificates for each batch of products that has successfully passed laboratory tests.
  • We regularly test our products in industry test centers for compliance with industry and federal standards, as evidenced by the certificates and conclusions obtained.
  • All manufactured products are certified according to international FPC standards (production control) and are actively exported.
  • All released products are guaranteed free replacement if a defect is detected or they do not comply with the stated specifications.
  • We guarantee the compliance of the declared service life of facilities with the use of our products (on the premise of complying with the requirements for design and installation).



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