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Slopes in the arrangement of HPPs

Industry: hydraulic engineering

Construction type: slope protection

Applied materials:

Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD®


Construction period: August-November 2018

Slope to be protected with reinforced geocell GEOCORD® filled with vegetative soil with sowing seeds in order to create green landscape and additional reinforcement of the construction


  • 1. Total cost reduction by 14%
    substantial savings on construction
  • 2. Supply cost reduction by 21,6%
  • 3. Slope reinforcement with appliance of a three-dimensional structure and an anchoring system
    prevents erosion of the foundation soil (washaway and earth slides)
  • 4. Construction with appliance of GEOCORD® starts working as soon as it is installed
    in contrast with constructions made of geomats, which start operating only after a stable plant root system is formed (1-2 months after installation)

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