Panel Discussion: Reinforcement of Roads with Geosynthetics (Vol. 2)

We are continuing to publish the answers of the leading engineer of the Technical Department of PRESTORUS LCC, Anton Goncharov, to the questions of the editors of the «Road Nation» magazine about the geosynthetics industry.

3. Can we talk about positive shifts in terms of the production of geosynthetic materials in Russia in recent years? What changes have occurred in the use of such materials over the past 1.5-2 years?

Yes, we can. We see how the use of geosynthetics in Russia is growing. This applies to almost all types of geosynthetics: geotextiles, geogrids, three-dimensional geocells, geomembranes, etc. New materials are being developed. The regulatory documentation is being improved. Manufacturers of geosynthetics from other countries enter our market and localize their production.

A couple of years ago, our company moved to the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone and expanded its production capacity, which allowed us to seriously reduce the cost of production to provide our customers with the best conditions.

Recently, the development and implementation of our new three-dimensional geocell for slope reinforcement GEOSTEP® has been completed. GEOSTEP® is made of a polymer sheet with staggered longitudinal cuts. The cuts are made in such a way that when the tape is stretched on the slope, a three-dimensional cellular structure is formed, designed to be filled with vegetative soil or crushed stone.

Three-dimensional geocell for slope reinforcement GEOSTEP®

4. For many customers and contractors, the main selection criterion is often the price of the material and not its quality. At the same time, during the design of a road facility, the main attention is paid to those products, the properties of which are confirmed by quality certificates. How is this problem solved in practice?

Unfortunately, the choice of cheaper products with untested characteristics in an attempt to save money on construction is a very urgent problem. The use of such materials often leads to a decrease in the functional properties of the structure and the premature destruction of the object. Such situations reduce confidence in the effectiveness of the use of geosynthetics.

To prevent such situations, we try to raise awareness among contractors and project developers, show them what to look for when choosing a material, and analyze the possible consequences of such replacements.


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