PRESTORUS Presents a Report at SLOPE 2019

On 25-27 September, Bali, Indonesia hosted an international conference SLOPE 2019: “Landslide and Slope Stability”, where PRESTORUS presented a report with the support of local partners.

PRESTORUS specialists presented a report “GEOSTEP®: A Proven Technology for Strengthening Slopes Prone to Erosion, Suffusion, and Wind Impact” and spoke about slope protection. This is a common problem in the construction of most road, hydraulic, and railway facilities.

Under loads, the slopes quickly collapse and the body of the embankment (structure) begins to deform rapidly. Because of many challenges, the engineering solution for the protection of slopes should be technologically advanced, durable, simple, and inexpensive during installation and operation. The results of the study have proved that three-dimensional geocells could provide such a solution.

Comparison of the cost of strengthening per 1 m2 of the slope showed that GEOSTEP® is the most economically efficient tool for strengthening slopes, and its effectiveness has been proven during implementation at a number of facilities both in Russia and abroad. This material is a patented development of PRESTORUS and has no alternatives in the world.

The report of PRESTORUS experts was published in the final digest of the conference.

You can read the full report on our website: «GEOSTEP®: A Proven Technology for Strengthening Slopes Prone to Erosion, Suffusion and Wind Impact».


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