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The innovative reinforced geocell GEOCORD® is a new generation of geosynthetic materials with improved technical characteristics and lower price compared to alternative designs.

The principal novelty of GEOCORD® is the reinforcement with extra strong synthetic threads. The threads increase the strength of the structure and contribute to the preservation of stable geometric characteristics for as much time as possible.

GEOCORD® is used in the following areas:

  • Reinforcement of embankments and platforms
  • Reinforcement of weak foundations and pavements of roads and railways
  • Durable technological driveways along highway roads, parking lots for large construction equipment
  • Base for laying pavestones, paving slabs
  • Earthquake-resistant walls
  • Erosion protection of complex slopes
  • Flood dams
  • Surface drainage structures


  • 15% lower price compared to traditional three-dimensional geocells with similar characteristics (due to a decrease in the thickness of cells)
  • In pavement design, the sand layer reinforced with GEOCORD® allows replacing the more expensive crushed stone layer, saving up to 20%


  • 67% reduction in vertical stress
  • 22% reduction in pavement layers thickness
  • 10% increase in bearing capacity
  • 35% increase in load resistance
  • 35% reduction in plastic deformation of the structure
  • 55% longer construction life


  • Strength characteristics increased to 50%
  • Service life extended to 100 years
  • The material fully complies with the current Russian and international standards (GRI GM, ASTMD, ISO)
  • Long-term verification of the strength of welds (within 30 days)
  • Increased resistance to long-term dynamic and static loads
  • Resistance to deformation at multiple temperature differences
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive soils
  • Resistance to repeated freezing and thawing
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Resistance to cyclic loads
GEOSTEP® and GEOCORD® in the agricultural industry of Vietnam

Underground mine road construction with GEOCORD® and fastening key FAST-LOCK®

Appliance of reinforced geocell GEOCORD® in water reservoir construction in Vietnam

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