PRESTORUS LLC has all the necessary resources to provide competent technological and engineering customer support at each project stage. We have extensive practical experience in engineering support of technically complex facilities.

  • Design optimization

    Design optimization

     Our specialists can prepare a set of solutions to reduce construction and maintenance costs without sacrificing quality, as well as to increase the durability and reliability of the structure.

  • Design and calculations

    Design and calculations

    We are experts in the design of structures using geosynthetic materials, which is proved by many years of experience and a large number of successfully implemented projects in various construction industries. Design and calculations are carried out in accordance with the current regulatory documentation.

  • Engineering consulting

    Engineering consulting

    We are ready to promptly solve your questions on the organization of construction using geosynthetic materials. Our specialists have over 20 years of experience with geosynthetics.

  • Personnel training

    Personnel training

    Our experts can teach your staff how to correctly install geosynthetic materials for structures of any complexity.

  • Preparation of documentation

    Preparation of documentation

    We can prepare all the necessary documentation for the construction: projects for the production of work, maintenance requirement cards, drawings, technical passports, and instructions for the installation of geosynthetic materials.

  • Installation supervision

    Installation supervision

    Compliance with the technology during the installation of geosynthetic materials is the key to the long-term and trouble-free operation of the facility. At the request of the Customer, our specialists are ready to go to the site for consultations and control over the correct installation of materials to ensure compliance with engineering solutions and the original design.

  • Site monitoring

    Site monitoring

    PRESTORUS specialists can organize the monitoring of the constructed facility to ensure that timely measures are taken to improve the efficiency of operation or prevent accidents.

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