SEZ Lipetsk, the Best in Russia

It’s an incredible feeling to be proud of the place you come from—just as we are proud of the homeland of our products, the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone!

According to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Lipetsk Special Economic Zone is recognized as the best in the country. The assessment was carried out on more than thirty indicators: the activities of residents of the SEZ, the profitability of budgetary investments and the contribution to achieving national goals, the work of the managing companies of the SEZ, etc.

Each KPI target of the SEZ Lipetsk has been achieved at 100% or exceeded.

65 residents placed their production in the Lipetsk SEZ, 19 of them with the participation of foreign investors. The investment amounted to more than 66.5 billion rubles in the development of the region. 4 600 people work in the SEZ. The total volume of sales for the entire period the functioning of the SEZ is 125.9 billion rubles.


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