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The Standard Geocell is a three-dimensional cellular structure made from polyethylene tapes connected with each other with linear stitches arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

The Standard Geocell is applied in the following areas:

  • Reinforcement of embankments and platforms
  • Reinforcement of weak foundations and pavements of roads and railways
  • Durable technological driveways along highway roads, parking lots for large construction equipment
  • Base for laying pavestons, paving slabs
  • Earthquake resistant walls
  • Erosion protection of complex slopes
  • Flood dams
  • Surface drainage structures


  • In pavement design, the sand layer reinforced with the Standard Geocell allows replacing the more expensive crushed stone layer, saving up to 20%


  • 67% reduction in vertical stress
  • 22% reduction in pavement layers thickness
  • 10% increase in bearing capacity
  • 35% increase in load resistance
  • 35% reduction in plastic deformation of the structure
  • 55% longer construction life


  • Service life of 50 years
  • Warranty period of storage of 24 months
  • Increased resistance to long-term dynamic and static loads
  • Resistance to deformation at multiple temperature differences
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive soils
  • Resistance to repeated freezing and thawing
  • Resistance to UV radiation
Slope Strengthening During the Construction of the Moscow – St. Petersburg Expressway

Construction of a Gas Pipeline

Road Construction Along a Gas Pipeline // Russia, 2005–2011

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