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Slopes in agriculture

Industry: agriculture

Construction type: slope reinforcement

Applied materials:

Weld-free Geocell GEOSTEP®

Plastic anchor PRUTTEX®

Construction period: September 2017-March 2018

Slope to be reinforced with weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® (height 100 mm) filled with local soil with sowing seeds in order to create green landscape.


  • 1. Total cost reduction by 13,6%
    substantial savings on construction
  • 2. Supply cost reduction by 36%
    appliance of weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® gives cost advantages thanks to decreased wall height
  • 3. Washout problem solved
    walls of GEOSTEP® are located perpendicular to the horizon and hold the soil better than walls of standard geocells, even with increased slope steepness

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