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Road in underground mines

Industry: mining

Construction type: paved road surface

Applied materials:

  • Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD®
  • FAST-LOCK® fastening system

Construction Period: 2018

Design of a paved road surface using the reinforced geocell GEOCORD® filling with crushed stone of 20-70 mm on a prepared base of crushed stone.

The main problem of underground mines is high water cut, which is the reason for the rapid destruction of causeways. This leads to a large number of breakdowns of equipment operating in mines.


  1. 1. Total cost reduction of 51%

    significant savings on road construction

  2. 2. Work complexity reduced by 63.5%

    the structure of voluminous geogrids is easily and quickly mounted manually, does not require special equipment and tools

  3. 3. 10 times higher construction speed
    exclusion of production sites from the transport scheme for no more than 8 hours
  4. 4. Resistance to rutting
    avoids additional road maintenance costs
  5. 5. The speed of technology does not decrease
    thanks to a flat surface without holes and ruts

The customer has opted for a solution using the reinforced geocell GEOCORD® because unlike traditional geocells, GEOCORD® is able to withstand increased loads, which ensures the reliability of the structure even in particularly difficult conditions (on elevations and corners).

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