Road in underground mines

Construction period
Construction type:
Bulk road surface
Applied materials:
Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD® Connecting device FAST-LOCK®
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Design of a paved road surface using the reinforced geocell GEOCORD® filling with crushed stone of 20-70 mm on a prepared base of crushed stone.

The main problem of underground mines is high water cut, which is the reason for the rapid destruction of causeways. This leads to a large number of breakdowns of equipment operating in mines.

Advantages of the PRESTORUS solution:

  1. Total cost reduction by 51%: substantial saving on road construction.
  2. Reduction in labor intensity by 63,5%: the construction made with three-dimensional geocells can be mounted manually easily and quickly, and does not require special equipment and tools.
  3. Speed of construction is 10 times higher: mine roadways will be excluded from the transport scheme for no longer than 8 hours.
  4. Resistance to rut: no extra expenses on road maintenance.
  5. Higher vehicle speed thanks to the flat surface without pits and rut.

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