Power station evaporation ponds

Construction period
August-November 2018
Hydraulic engineering
Construction type:
Slope reinforcement
Applied materials:
Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD® Nonwoven geotextile Geomembrane Composite Anchor GEOFORCE® Anchor Cord Stapler and staples
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Reinforcement of slopes of a dam with GEOCORD® geocells filled with soil, using a cable restraint system and GEOFORCE® composite anchors over a waterproofing layer of the PRESTORUS geomembrane.


  1. PRESTORUS solution allowed the Customer to significantly save on building materials.
  2. The restraint cable system that was used instead of traditional anchors does not damage the geomembrane and ensures the safety of the waterproofing layer.
  3. Using GEOCORD® allows for increasing the steepness of the slope to 1:1, which reduces the volume of earthworks and building materials by 20-30%.
  4. Labor costs decreased by 4 times, labor costs of machinery and mechanisms decreased by 8.5 times.
  5. Application of GEOCORD® and GEOFORCE® composite anchors ensures resistance to vandalism.
  6. Use of local soil as a filler material for geocells saved the cost of transportation of crushed stone and contributed to the preservation of the environment and road network of the region.

The alternative solution designed by PRESTORUS engineers turned out to be 4 times more economical in comparison with the initial Customer’s project.

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