Underground road in a copper mine (crushed stone)

Construction period
October 2021–November 2021
Construction type:
Bulk road surface
Applied materials:
Reinforced Geocell GEOCORD®
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Initially, the customer planned to build a road in the Magdalena copper mine (Spain, province of Huelva) using shotcrete reinforced with steel mesh. However, this project had a number of significant drawbacks:

  1. Destruction of concrete under load
  2. Rutting
  3. High construction costs
  4. Exposure of the reinforcing mesh, due to which the tires of mining equipment were damaged

PRESTORUS LLC proposed the construction of a crushed stone road reinforced with the GEOCORD Type C 150/352 1030 PL1Y three-dimensional geocell.


Advantages of the PRESTORUS solution:

  1. 60% cost reduction by 51.

  2. Average speed at the site increased by 2 km/h.
  3. Reduced tire wear.

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