VIDEO: Slope strengthening during the construction of the Moscow – St. Petersburg expressway

In the latest video, PRESTORUS presents the M11 motorway (Moscow – St. Petersburg expressway) construction project. The task was to strengthen the slopes with deep grooves and a height of more than 12 meters.

For this project, PRESTORUS developed the Technological map and supplied geomaterials (standard geocell, PRESTORUS geotextile, and accessories). Thanks to the correct selection and use of geomaterials, it was possible to prevent erosion and minimize the costs of subsequent operation.

Upon completion, PRESTORUS has received a positive review from the construction contractor Transstroimekhanizatsiya LLC, which can be found on the main page of our website.

The Moscow-St. Petersburg (M11) expressway has been under construction for 8 years, starting in 2011, and has become the largest implemented infrastructure project in modern Russia. The total cost of this project amounts to 520 billion RUB (7.02 billion USD), and the length of the route is 669 km. The construction customer was Avtodor Group of Companies, while the Turkish company Ic Ictas Astaldi Ica Insaat Anoni̇m Si̇rketi̇ served as the general contractor.


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