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Weld-free geocell GEOSTEP® is a three-dimensional geocell made of high-quality polymer raw materials that is used for reinforcing slopes.

Since 2015, GEOSTEP® has been successfully used at the facilities of Russian Railways, FDA ROSAVTODOR, PJSC Transneft. We have received positive conclusions and letters of recommendation from contractors on the results of the application.

GEOSTEP® is used to strengthen slopes with a laying angle of 20 to 60 degrees:

  • Strengthening slopes, embankments, and excavations
  • Landscaping and landscape design
Download Requirements for the Installation and Laying of GEOSTEP® (.pdf)


  • The cost per m2 is 30% lower compared to other three-dimensional geocells
  • Reduced costs due to 50% faster installation
  • 60% cheaper logistics


  • The large winding length allows strengthening the slope from top to bottom at once
  • Lightweight installation technology allows to speed up the installation process and reduce labor costs by 50%
  • The fastening system of sections using FAST-LOCK® allows you to abandon the use of expensive installation equipment (compressor, pneumatic stapler, metal staples) and accelerate the installation process by 20%
  • Increased drainage properties of the structure
  • Aggregate material is not subject to rash due to the walls of cells located perpendicular to the horizon
  • The minimum amount of planning work


  • Roll width: 3.2 m
  • Coating area of rolls: up to 650 m2
  • Possibility of application in various climatic conditions from -65º to 70º С
  • Service life up to 100 years
  • Resistance to deformation at multiple temperature differences
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive soils
  • Resistance to repeated freezing and thawing
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Resistance to cyclic loads
Instructions for laying GEOSTEP®

Strengthening slopes of a Moscow highway with the GEOSTEP®

Slope reinforcement of an oil terminal with GEOSTEP®

Advantages of using GEOSTEP® for slope protection

GEOSTEP® and GEOCORD® in the agricultural industry of Vietnam

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